June 2018 newsletter

Quarterly news and information - June 2018.

New interim manager

We'd like to thank Jane Lakin for all her work as the Interim DSCB Manager over the last two years and wish her well on her return to her role as Principal Solicitor within legal services.

Catherine O’Melia joined the safeguarding board on 2 July 2018 as the new Interim Board Manager. Catherine joined the board from Wakefield MDC, where she has practised extensively in the field of early help and is a great advocate of multi-agency working.

Priority action areas

The following priorities have been identified for Derbyshire:

Effectiveness of the child protection processes within Derbyshire

The prevention of child abuse by ensuring the effectiveness of the child protection processes within Derbyshire, particularly the timely identification of and prompt reduction of risk, by driving forward the recommendations of the 2017 independent review and ensuring impact. Ensuring that services are informed by and responsive to the voice and experiences of children and young people.

Effective delivery of early help

Ensuring the effective delivery of early help across the partnership including the prompt completion of Early Help Assessments and timely targeted intervention to address neglect and abuse.

Protecting children from exploitation

Ensuring that children and young people are effectively protected from exploitation (including sexual exploitation) and emerging areas of vulnerability and risk e.g. County Lines and technology enabled abuse.

Multi-agency safeguarding arrangements

Ensuring that effective multi-agency safeguarding arrangements (MASA) are put in place for children and young people, drawing upon and linking with other boards operating across the safeguarding arena.  Ensuring that these include robust governance arrangements.

Effective response to domestic abuse

Ensuring that an effective response to domestic abuse is achieved by cohesive planning across agencies.

Effective response to substance misuse

Ensuring an effective response to substance misuse by children and young people, reducing the numbers adversely affected.

If you would like any more information about how the DSCB will be progressing these priorities, please email ella.boulton@derbyshire.gov.uk.

Key Points from the board meeting on 15 June 2018

  • The completion of the Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) toolkit is invaluable in identifying those children and young people who may require additional protection and support. View the CSE toolkit in our documents library.
  • Child Protection Conferences – these are most effective when workers with direct knowledge of families and their circumstances attend and contribute. Substitution of key personnel should be avoided if at all possible.
  • Child Protection Conferences – consideration should be given to involving/ inviting housing providers to CP conferences as they may often have valuable information.
  • Completion of the section 175 audits by schools is invaluable in improving safeguarding responses within education.

Serious incident learning reviews

Please ensure that your knowledge around serious incident learning reviews (SILRs) and serious case reviews (SCRs) is up to date.

View the latest serious incident learning review briefing notes

Information regarding learning from case reviews is available from the NSPCC

Training programme

The training programme for the period until September 2018 supports the implementation of our priorities.

View our training programme.

We recently held a learning and development day on 13 June ‘Assessing, Working with and Managing Risk’. Over 70 professionals attended and examples of their feedback included the following:

‘The presentations highlighted to me how important it is, not only to hear the voice of the children and to understand their lived experience, but also to look at the work we do from a child’s perspective’

  • ‘I greatly appreciated the change to develop my knowledge of the digital world, realising this is an essential consideration when giving advice, support and training’
  • ‘The presentation helped me to fully appreciate the ripple effect of domestic abuse and the impact that this has on adults, children, the wider family and society as a whole’
  • ‘Professionals should not be frightened to ask questions and demonstrate professional curiosity throughout their work.’
  • ‘Collaborative and partnership working is so important in ensuring all the information is available to make safeguarding decisions.’
  • ‘The course provided me with an understanding around the definition of ‘Technology Assisted Harmful Sexual Behaviour (TA-HSB)’
  • ‘The management of risk is complex so it is important to address it in a multi-agency forum’

Policies and Procedures

Our  policies and procedures are updated on a bi-annual basis along with the quarterly review of the documents library via the Policies and Procedures Sub Group. The latest updates in the Policies and Procedures are due to go live on 23 January 2018. You can register for safeguarding policy and procedure updates.

Two key documents - Escalation Policy and the Threshold Document have been revised, please make time to review these important documents in the documents library.


Future newsletters

If you have information or news that you would like to share via the newsletter, please email robert.harwood@derbyshire.gov.uk

The deadline for the next bulletin is 27 August 2018.