Serious case reviews

Serious case reviews (SCR)'s are carried out when a child or young person dies or is seriously injured, and abuse or neglect are known or suspected to be factors in the death.

A SCR can also be carried out if a child has been seriously harmed and there is concern about how our partner agencies have worked together to protect the child.

They are carried out so that improvements can be identified and action taken so that agencies work with each other more effectively to keep children, young people and their families safe.

The Government's Working together to safeguard children statutory guidance explains when a serious case or serious incident learning review (SILR) is needed.

Serious incident learning reviews (SILR)

A SILR takes place when a serious case review is not needed but there are still lessons for professionals who work with children and families to learn.

The aim of serious case reviews and serious incident learning reviews is to prevent similar deaths or incidents of serious harm from happening again in future.

When each review is completed a report is published. This includes an outline of what happened, without identifying the child or their family, what went well and what needs to change to make sure that in future other children and young people can be better protected.

The confidentiality of individuals involved in these cases and the sensitivity of the reports should be respected at all times.

We have also produced an e-learning package on improving practice of serious cases for everyone who works with children, young people and their parents, carers and families.

An archive of SCR's and SILR's in Derbyshire since 2010 are available by contacting us.

This archive also includes reviews from other parts of the UK which refer to Derbyshire because the child or a family member has a connection with the county.

We intend to publish relevant SCR's and SILR's generated in the last 3 years.

The learning from previous SCR's and SILR's can also be found within this section.

Serious case review ADS14

The independent serious case review into the death of a 21-month old child in 2014 was published on 5 September 2017.

Serious case review ADS13

The independent serious case review into the death of a seven week old child was published on 5 January 2018.

Learning from serious case reviews

We're working with partners to keep children and young people in Derbyshire safe and well.